I Want To Learn Spanish Greetings: Teach Yourself Hello In Spanish

I Want To Learn SpanishI want to learn Spanish” is a question that often crosses so many kids, teens and adults’ minds.  If you have ever wondered how to say hello in Spanish, now it’s time you teach yourself with the help of Internet Spanish Lessons.com.  Here, you will be introduced to the top ways to learn how to speak Spanish online, and today you will learn how to introduce yourself in Spanish, in other words, Me Presento.

If you are not yet familiar with our site, you will see that we have put together a series of mini online Spanish lessons to help you with your Spanish in cases you said I want to learn Spanish.  Whether you want to know about Spanish history, Spanish lessons for kids,  or Spanish grammar, we’ve got it for you.

This particular page will help you with common Spanish introductions and Spanish greetings.  Here are some of the important words we will be reviewing in one of our many Spanish learning lessons:

  • me llamo = my name is
  • your  name is = in Spanish you will say te llamas
  • his/her name is = when referring to his or her name, you must say se llama
  • I have is said as tengo
  • you have = this common phrase must be spoken this way; tienes
  • she/he has = often this is used in both English and Spanish, and it in Spanish you say tiene

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We all know that any time you introduce yourself to someone the very first thing you probably want to do is to tell them your name.    So how do you do this using Spanish?  Let’s take a look…this is how you go about doing this in Spanish using the name Diego…Ola, me llamo Diego.  This means either “My name is Diego” or “I want to be called Diego”.  Pretty simple?  Great…now here are a few more sentences that should help you when having to introduce yourself or to make small conversation in Spanish.  If you haven’t said it yet, perhaps your friend or family member told you “I want to learn Spanish“.  So let’s get to it :)

To ask someone their name is quite easy…here goes!
Y tú¿Cómo te llamas? What is your name?

Not too bad was it…so now it’s time to check out some of these common ice breakers or generic questions you may want to ask somebody.  The following 5 questions are also quite relevant when introducing yourself or for basic Spanish conversation.

  • ¿Cuántos años tienes? – This is the English equivalent of “How old are you?”
  • En mi familia hay tres personas  – In English, we say “How about your family?”
  • ¿Cuántos personas hay en tu familia?  – This simply means “How many people are there in your family?”
  • ¿Cómo se llama tu hermana?  – Curious to know about someone’s sister, you ask “What’s your sister’s name?”
  • Tengos 13 años.  This means “I am 13”.  It is imperative to know that you are actually saying “I have 13 years” and not “I am 13 years old”.  Just a subtle difference between English and Spanish but one that must be remembered.
  •  The final useful word that internetspanish lessons.com would like to introduce in this article is the Spanish word hay, which means “there is” or “there are” and can be extremely useful in any conversation.

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Okay, there you have it!  Some helpful questions that will get you to feel more confident introducing yourself or making small talk in Spanish, especially if told yourself  “I want to learn Spanish”.   Good luck with your Spanish and keep practicing!


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