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Spanish alphabet songs can definitely help people quickly learn the Spanish alphabet.  This post will show you how to learn Spanish alphabet fast using a few tips.  Of the 29 Spanish alphabet letters, according to the Royal Spanish Academy, 26 of them are the same ones found in the English alphabet, with the addition of the following 3:  ch, ll, and ñ.


A lot of people believe that both “ch” and “ll” have been omitted from the Spanish alphabet because of the fact that they are only treated as sounds instead of letters when alphabetizing; however, this is not true as they are still officially included in today’s Spanish alphabet.


Take a look at the video which is a Spanish alphabet song that also comprises of the “RR” sound for those English speakers. As you watch it, remember to try singing a little faster each time you practice. This military style Spanish alphabet song is a great way to learn Spanish alphabet and Spanish alphabet pronunciation. You will not only learn the Spanish alphabet, but you will be able to spell each letter as you learn the Spanish song.


Oh ya, and another added bonus with this song, you are introduced to some powerful historic Spanish figures, including Jose Marti, the Cuban hero and poet, Liberator of Latin America Simon Bolivar, and Porfirio Diaz.

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