Learn Spanish Alphabet for Kids Quickly


Teaching your child a new language is very rewarding and a wonderful experience for any boy and girl. One of the first things boys and girls should practice if they want to know how to learn Spanish is to learn Spanish ABC’s.  Your child will also learn Spanish phonetics in addition to Spanish alphabet for kids, helping them to feel confident speaking Spanish.


Another powerful way to learn Spanish for kids includes internet Spanish lessons like Rocket Spanish or Learning Spanish Like Crazy. Like these powerful online Spanish courses, this youtube Spanish alphabet video introduces letters through repetition of given pictures and videos of recognizable objects and other things, such as a ball, star or car.  Spanish alphabet for kids can be a lot of fun!


For instance, the letter A introduces the word avión. Below are a some of the other mentioned letters with their corresponding word…

  • B = bola
  • C = carro
  • CH = chaqueta
  • D = dentista
  • E = estrella


Children have had a lot of fun watching and learning from the above video as they learn Spanish letters and words. Other fun ways for kids to learn Spanish is the Spanish alphabet song or Learning Spanish for kids is a gift that they will embrace and live with for the rest of their lives!

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