Learn Different Spanish Teaching Games And Activities

Looking to learn Spanish games and activities for kids and adults? Being a Spanish teacher can be rewarding, however, at times, teaching Spanish just like any other teaching job, can become quite repetitive. If you are a Spanish teacher running out of ideas, these are some great ways for you to learn Spanish lessons and teaching activities for moments at the end of your class.


Let’s assume you got through all of the necessary class curriculum for the day and there are around 10 minutes remaining in class. Last time we heard, everyone likes to have fun in class, whether they are actually attending an in-class environment or an online Spanish course, like Rocket Spanish.


This Palabras Encadenadas Spanish game is great for not only engaging students but also helping them with their vocabulary. It begins with a student saying any word with the next student saying a different word that begins with the last letter of the previous word. For example, the first student chooses the Spanish word Casa, and since it ends with the letter “A”, the next student must come up with a different word that begins with A, such as Avión.  Consequently, the third student has to say a word that starts with “N”, like Nariz, and so forth.  As you can see so far, activities in Spanish can be lots of fun!


Learn Spanish activities and you will realize how fun these games are when you play with your family and friends in order to improve your Spanish speaking abilities.  But make sure it is somewhat challenging for one another by only allowing a few seconds to choose a word that begins with the correct letter.  These types of Spanish practice activities are great ways to really improve your Spanish!

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